Coaching Skills

Coaching makes development accessible for everyone, every day...

Coaching Skills

Open-Mind developed Coaching for Human Resource Professionals to help HR leaders refine their own coaching skills, foster coaching skills in others and begin to build a coaching culture in their organization. Coaching makes development accessible for everyone, every day.

Today’s organizations are awash in a sea of continuous change and new skills are needed from the front-line to the C-suite. That’s where coaching comes in. HR professionals who can infuse a coaching mind set and skills throughout their organization can create opportunities for development, at every level of the organization. Coaching takes place in real-time, on the job and is relevant to each individual and their particular needs. The end result is a more resilient organization.

As a result of attending our program, participants will acquire the ability to:

  • Explain & apply Open-Mind’s unique coaching framework.
  • Put critical coaching skills to use.
  • Manage coaching relationships more effectively.
  • Adapt one’s own coaching style as needed.
  • Build a results-driven personal development plan.
  • Identify ways coaching can be effectively applied throughout the organization.
  • Set strategies to create a coaching culture.

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