Conflict Resolution - Organisational & Interpersonal

Poor and ineffective management come in many forms, and all of them can wear on you professionally...

Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict is a struggle or disagreement between at least two people over a difference in opinions or goals. When applied to a business environment, a conflict can be a fight between co-workers over resources used, project approaches, schedules, etc.

In the field of Human Resources, relationship and conflict management is just part of the job. Conflict will arise in any workplace, but how that conflict is handled can either build relationships or disintegrate them. Strong conflict management skills become crucial for HR professionals. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practices are based on interest-based communications skills that can effectively diffuse workplace conflict and enhance workplace culture.

Conflict management training can round out the skill set of an HR professional and add to more harmonious workplaces and personal lives.

How our training helps you?

Participants learn how to conduct positive and constructive interactions with their colleagues and customers and how to de-escalate a conflict situation by choosing from a variety of resolution options.

Skills taught in this session can be used personally when presented with a potential conflict situation or they can be utilised as a third party outside of the conflict but with a role in supporting the involved parties to reach a sustainable resolution around future actions and outcomes.

Participants are provided with conflict management training skills and strategies that empower them to be confident, assertive and firm and to constructively influence the situation in a safe and controlled manner.

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