Induction or orientation is an event where you would introduce the job and your Organization to the new hire and vice versa...

Induction & On-Boarding

It’s estimated that 50% of the Managers’ roles fail within the first 18 months while for the majority of employees, 50% leave their new job within the first four months. An effective way to counter these figures is to implement an effective induction & on-boarding process. How a new employee is welcomed and supported in the beginning makes a significant difference. It can reduce turnover by as much as 70% while accelerating understanding of the corporate culture and the situation. In addition, it helps building trust and relationships, ensuring expectations on both sides are met, developing the new hire’s knowledge of the culture and strengthening their commitment through role clarity and self-efficacy.


A process of introducing the job and the Organization to the new hire and vice. This include:

  • Company overview
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • History, objectives and clients
  • Business verticals, management team and hierarchy
  • Policies and dress code
  • Business conduct guidelines
  • Joining and statutory forms


Aims at reorganizing a new employee and making him accustomed to his department, job role and work culture. This include:

  • Multiple learning methods such as Presentation and videos, Workplace tour and Formal meetings with teams and departments etc.
  • Information of procedures and processes
  • Information of work assignment/job, clients
  • Introduction to team members and key contacts.
  • Information about employment terms and conditions


A process by which new resources get the information, aptitudes, and practices to become distinctly viable authoritative individuals and insiders.

  • Facilitate the new employee’s ability to contribute in the new role.
  • Increase the new employee’s comfort level in the new role.
  • Reinforce his/her decision to join the organization.
  • Enhance productivity.
  • Encourage commitment and employee engagement.

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