Succession Planning Assessment & Development

An employee survey, also know as a staff survey, provides organisations with a path to improve their performance..

Succession Planning Assessment & Development

While the majority of best-in-class companies use assessments for hiring, less than half include development assessments in their succession and leadership development programs. If the value of using assessments for acquiring top talent is clear – why is there reluctance to use assessments for development? Unfortunately, many organizations simply select development assessments based on their popularity or familiarity without careful thought to how the assessments support the objectives of the succession and development plan: helping participants gain knowledge, build key skills and competencies, and grow their potential to contribute. The haphazard selection and use of development assessments leads to (understandably) cynical leaders and teams who are either unwilling to attempt another assessment, or question the value of yet another investment of time and money.

Selecting an Assessment

Because assessments are often used as a diagnostic tool at the beginning of a succession plan or development initiative, a poorly selected tool can set back participants for the entire program. The number of assessment providers and types of development assessments only adds to the complexity of the decision. Should you use an individually focused self-assessment (e.g., self-inventories of personality, values, or leadership style), a 360 degree feedback survey, or an assessment center or simulation to provide the diagnostic information your employees need?

Advantages of Assessments

  • Understand and diagnose the needs and opportunities of high potential employees.
  • Build your leadership pipeline.
  • Increase productivity and build cross-functional teams.
  • Provide the opportunity for self-awareness and goal-setting.
  • Accurately measure the impact of your development and succession planning programs.

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