Employee Relations

Happy employees are productive employees. Successful businesses know how to manage relationships to build lasting employee satisfaction....

Employee Relations

The term 'employee relations' refers to a company's efforts to manage relationships between employers and employees. An organization with a good employee relations program provides fair and consistent treatment to all employees so they will be committed to their jobs and loyal to the company. Such programs also aim to prevent and resolve problems arising from situations at work.

Employee relations programs are typically part of a human resource strategy designed to ensure the most effective use of people to accomplish the organization's mission.


Strong employment relations create a pleasant atmosphere within the work environment; it increases the employee motivation and can also be increased through improved employee morale. Companies that have invested into employee relations programs have experienced increases in the productivity, and therefore the increased productivity leads to increases in profits for the business.

Employee Loyalty

Creating the productive and pleasant work environment has a drastic effect on an employee’s loyalty to the business, it encourages a loyal workforce. Having such a workforce improves employee retention, in doing so the cost of recruitment, hiring and training is cut drastically. For most businesses the high cost of employee turnover outweighs the cost of the employee relations program that they have in place. Another benefit is that when the employee turnover is low it ensures that the employer has a trained and skilled set of employees.

Conflict Reduction

When a work environment is efficient and friendly the extent of conflict within the workplace is reduced. Less conflict results in the employees being able to concentrate on the tasks at hand and they are therefore more productive. ‘A happy workforce is a productive workforce’. Creating a sound and efficient work environment with good management and a strong employer- employee relation can be the vital key to any businesses success or failure.

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